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We link online learning journeys In Africa-For Africa-From Africa and About Africa.

Access 2500+ online courses and more from over 140 institutions

Start today to Learn Now. Live Better.

AfricaX is for everyone

AfricaX for Me.

Find free, flexible and affordable choices to suit you.

Find your future and get job ready with over 3000 edX courses and career paths to choose.

Fast track your future towards your personal and professional goals by starting to learn now and live better with AfricaX.

AfricaX for Business.

We offer you a ladder of learning for every employee from entry level part time to top executive that empower your workforce today and for the future.

Your business can focus on the real business of how to attract, retain, reskill, upskill, retrain and reward your workforce so your company can be resilient, grow and thrive.

Our courses range from sector specific to soft skills so we can match your needs in every way.

AfricaX for NGO.

We offer you the opportunity to be the best NGO in your field with international courses that range from governance to fundraising.

Your valuable time and skills can stay focused on your projects, programmes and beneficiaries with instant access to all AfricaX learning specifically for NGO in your sector.

Everyone from volunteers to Board Member can benefit as well as extending to your beneficiaries because so many courses are for free or subsidised for NGO's.

Certified learning from a network of over 120 global partners

'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world'
— Nelson Mandela

About AfricaX

We are a collaborative social enterprise that offers a unique Ladder of Learning with 12 tiers. Together with our trusted local and global network we offer the widest range of options on our innovative custom created platform.

We are a fully integrated partner with edX and our range extends to over 4500 courses and learning opportunities.

Phase 1 is our Business to Business offering that also includes Donor and Aid Agency to civil society.

Phase II will be broadening our offering direct to customer and so you can purchase directly from our site. Until then please register and we will stay in touch.

As a social enterprise we offer a balance between finance, education and philanthropy that can empower everyone to learn now and live better in Africa, for Africa and from Africa.

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