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AfricaX’s Response to COVID-19

Together let’s stay connected and more forward about COVID -19.
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COVID- 19 is a global issue and impacts every one of us now and into the future. While many of us are staying at home, we are working, learning and teaching remotely in a new and innovative way. The world is changing and may seem uncertain now but our commitment to your learning journey and AfricaX community remains.

We understand how it can be hard to see the path ahead when all around you is chaotic. So, we are inviting you to find your next steps and path forward with us. Together with our global network of edX and partners and the millions of learners in our community, we will support you in every way that we can. We are here to help you find purpose, harness your strengths and create connections to move forward, together.

Stay Connected

Join Our Online Community - Our online learner Facebook community is a great way to find and create connections now. This is a space for global AfricaX learners to connect and discuss their experiences learning online. Ask for course recommendations, share your experience with edX programs, or find further resources to help you along the way in your online learning journey.

Our founding partner edX offers over 2500 courses that range from:

Micromasters Programs. A series of graduate level courses from top Universities designed to advance your career.

Professional Certificate: A Series of courses designed by industry leaders and top universities to build and enhance critical professional skills needed to succeed in today’s most in-demand fields.

Online Masters Degree: edX is transforming graduate education by offering highly ranked Masters’s degrees from world-class universities at scale.

Certified courses: range of soft skills and job readiness certified courses that range from free (pay for certificate) through to entry level fees.

We also offer sector specific skills training SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority) courses with over 38 accredited qualifications and various short learning programmes and skills programmes. Using the AfricaX unique software and digital platform, we can help your company to unlock the huge potential available for government-backed and funded training. We cover BANKSETA, INSETA, SERVICES SETA, W&R SETA, MICT SETA, PSETA, MERSETA with agencies that are also SACE registered.

We are proud partners to the inspiring ‘3 Million in 3 Week’ campaign. South Africa announced a 21day national lockdown to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Young people are being bombarded with misinformation and fake news, putting them at risk. We will reach more than 3 million young people across the country during these three weeks of lockdown, to help them stay informed and be smart, change their behaviours to be safe and be agents of change for their families and communities. http://www.3m3w.co.za

Tips for Successful Online Learning – Our goal is to be a resource to the growing online learning community in Africa for Africa about Africa and from Africa. In this collection of online learning best practices, our partner edX will share tips and best tools for success from our global network to help you find purpose and succeed in your learning journey -for you to Learn Now. Live Better.

How to Harness the Power of Online Learning – with edX you can acess all of the benefits of this powerful digital way of learning, from the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere to build skill sets that can help you find the next job, secure job promotion, get inspired as an entrepreneur and form lasting connections with fellow learners.

edX Epidemics Courses – In this time of compromised health and global crisis, you can join in on courses created in partnership with leaders in the healthcare and research fields. These are certified courses and focus on healthcare concerning disease, public health, and recent epidemics. You can even check out our  course powered by edX Epidemics course from HKUx that features supplementary modules on COVID-19.

edX Education Courses – A broad range of topics from educational policy and history to curriculum design and teaching techniques and include Early Childhood Development. You can explore case studies in teaching and learn about how technology is increasing access to quality education, reducing the digital divide and creating opportunity as a global phenomenon.

edX Courses for High School Students - We want to bridge the college and job readiness gap – the difference between what you learn in school and the understanding you need to succeed at university or in the workplace.

Social Science Courses – This is the time to choose from hundreds of courses and explore topics such as edX courses on Social Work, Economics, History, Political Science. Check out edX The Science of Happiness where you will learn science-based principles and practices for a happy, meaningful life.

Additional Responses for Businesses

Companies are force to transition to exclusively-remote workforces for now but will soon be more of the normal offering, powered by our partner edX we can support industry efforts to keep their employees connected, learning, progressing and contributing on a seamless dashboard.

South African Companies can access online SETA courses and still submit Work Skills Plans as well as boost BBBEE ratings. We work with companies of all sizes and budgets, sectors and geography on effective solutions that deliver the skills, knowledge and information that companies, their employees and even through to supply chains need for today and the future.

'In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.'