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Learn now. Live Better

AfricaX For Me.

As youth, unemployed person or an entrepreneur, we cover your needs from upskilling, reskilling, new skills, get job ready and to succeed in your start up so that you can learn now and live better.

We offer you everything from learning cards in less than 30 minutes to full post graduate academic work to sector specific skills. This means you have the best chance of getting the best job or boosting your career or creating your own business and bringing your future forward with success.

If you are a budding entrepreneur you can learn from the best 140 Universities in the world on Entrepreurship and learn while growing your passion with modern up to date sector specific specialist knowledge.

For the job seeker, get job ready and find your future for free wherever you are with industry specific employable skills.

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'Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.'
—Kofi Annan

Learn Now. Live Better

AfricaX for me supports your learning ladder and links your online learning journey

Flexible ways to access AfricaX course content:

Easy to use

On your phone. in your time starting with easy quiz and gamification and videos so that you can learn what you need and want.

Quick and good

You can learn on the go anytime and anywhere without compromising the quality of learning.

Free and fast

Free to register. 100's of free courses. Upto date current learning gets you job and market ready.

Job ready

Ready certified and real learning

Personal dashboard

Learn employable skills fast and get job ready. Start your ladder of learning with authentic education. Personal dashboard and an instant CV you can post to any social media.

Success today for tomorrow

Cost Effective

Flexible & Convenient

Modern learning at your fingertips constantly updated. Free register. Pay only for what you use. Achieve global education at fractional or free costs. Our courses run on any browser – that means almost nothing to download.