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Specialist support for Civil Society.

AfricaX For NGO's.

AfricaX Foundation is a social enterprise and registered non profit to support civil society, youth, entrepreneurs and unemployed persons learn now and live better.

Our unique ladder of learning offers you a spectrum of choices free to subsidised across a range of topics.

We can offer sector specific topics from Early Childhood to Sustainable Development Goals.

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'If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.'
—African Proverb

Options for civil society.

AfricaX for NGO works with donors, grantmakers, grantseekers through to International Aid Agencies and Corporate CSI

Key offerings to access AfricaX course content:

Ensure good governance

Our transparent digital dashboard creates complete and thorough reporting on activities and processes that also support Monitoring and Evaluation processes seamlessly and easily.

Scalable and effective

Our pedagogy and process ensure that projects and programmes can be boosted across geography and to reach optimum audience for maximum impact

Cost effective

AfricaX has courses that are free. it is free to register and we also have some donor funded and sponsored courses that remove the cost barrier to learn now and live better. Contact us to find out more.  

Civil society course content

Actionable Learner Data

Collaborative Learning

Curated with sector and or geography specific topics. Learner behavior and outcomes data to drive decision making and improve performance. Private cohorts to facilitate inter-company learning and real-world applications.

Easy to use

Cost Effective & Scalable

Flexible & Convenient

Courses for all ages with Video. gamification and more than 10 languages available. Pay only for what you use. Achieve global scale at marginal cost. We have courses that run on any browser that need almost nothing to download.

The AfricaX Advantage

  From skills-based training to deep learning, AfricaX delivers what your teams need.

Verified Certificate Courses

Professional Certificates

MicroMasters® Programs

In-demand courses across 30+ subjects, developed by the world's top universities and organizations with shareable and recognizable certificates.  Courses providing job specific skills to help learners skill-up or launch into a new role, provided by industry-leading experts in key fields.  Series of graduate level courses from top universities, providing deep learning in a specific career field and a path to a Master's Degree. 

Master's Degree Programs

MicroBachelorsTM Programs

Ladder of Learning

 Offered in the most in-demand fields, from top-ranked institutions and available at a fraction of the cost of a traditional on- campus Master's degree. Credit-backed. stackable credentials for adults with some or no college experience looking to progress their careers or pursue a bachelor's degree.  Our wide range of free courses you can learn in 20 minutes per day through to fulltime learning means that you have a ladder of learning to grow.